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SEO Features

We have everything that you need to rank organically on search engine.

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SEO Features To Grow Your Business

XML sitemaps

YoShope automatically creates and maintains sitemaps, keeping all site info, pages, and the relationships between them up-to-date.


URL customization

Edit URL slugs on all your site pages and the URL structure of your product pages and blog posts, or use those automatically provided by YoShope.

Image optimization

YoShope automatically optimizes site images for quality, search, and faster downloads.

Yoshope converts your images into WebP formats for better SEO results and supports.


YoShope automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your site.

No need to worry about mobile first indexing, we support mobile friendly version.

SSL certificate validation

All YoShope sites come with an SSL certificate and encrypt data over an HTTPS connection, meeting the highest international security standards and Positive signal for SEO.

YoShope Analytics

Review how visitors interact with your site by tracking visits, orders, conversion rates, and revenue right from your site dashboard.

Tracking events

Options to track visitor and events for various marketing tools, like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Facebook pixel.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

We integrates with Amazonaws in addition to microsoft hosting. This allows us to automatically cache static and dynamic user content ensuring that your site loads faster regardless of your location, network or device.

Meta editor

Edit meta data for every single page using Yoshope custom SEO title, description, keyword and meta data editor to rank higher in organic results.

Audit logs

Check audit logs data to understand how bots are crawling your webpages.