You have created an eCommerce store with YoShope (if not, try to make a new store at an affordable cost) and now looking for ways through which you can market your store. 

In this article, our marketing experts team will help you get your first eCommerce sale. 

Before we dive into the first sale, first you must have these details about your customer. like

  1. Age
  2. Demographics
  3. Behavior

And also, make sure you have Google analytics code added to your store. In YoShope, you can go without adding google analytics code as we have our inbuild analytics system so you can understand who is visiting your store, from which location, which device, and who brought your product. 

Yes, of course, google analytics provides much more details about your users and help you in re-marketing purpose. So make sure you have a google analytics code added to your store.

Here are the ways through which you can generate your first eCommerce store sale. 

8 Ways To Generate First Sale For eCommerce Store:

Friends & Family: 

You can generate your first sale with the help of our friends and family. 

For this, you need to share your store link on your WhatsApp status so that they know that you are selling something unique. 

Keep in mind that don’t send them a direct link. Your WhatsApp status is the best way to motivate them to open your store link and buy from your website. 

This way, you can spend a rupee on something other than a marketing budget. 

Social Groups: 

Join social groups that are aligned with your customer interest. Create some unique and helpful graphics and share them with these groups. 

After 3-4 post graphics, share your store link so they can buy from it—don’t spam by posting links multiple times. 

Offer Cashback Offers: 

This way, you can offer customers loyalty points they can redeem when they buy a new product from your store. 

In YoShope, you get an option to set up Loyalty points quickly. Go to loyalty points and set up.

These Loyalty points are the best way to get new orders from your existing customers. 

Remember that your existing customers are the best asset for your store. They will bring a new customer to your store and buy from you again. 

Apart from cashback, you can offer your customer an upfront discount code so that whenever they buy from your store, they get a special discount and feel great by saving some money on shopping. 

Keep in mind that great experiences create valuable customers.

Search Engine Optimization: 

This one is the best technique to get sales on your eCommerce store. You could get ranking and more traffic to your store through proper SEO. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to make your website as per SEO recommendations so that search engines show your store or products on search. This way, you will get free traffic and more organic quality sales.

To help you out in SEO, we have made On-Page SEO easier for you. Every page has the option to make changes per SEO needs like Title, meta descriptions, and Meta keywords. There is no need to add or install heavy plugins. 

For this, you have to hire someone who is an expert in the SEO field so that they can create an effective SEO strategy for your eCommerce store. You can learn more from the supply chain of AMUL.

With YoShope, you will complement SEO service for starting up. So if you want to create your eCommerce store, make with YoShope and take the benefits of premium services without charges.

All the above methods are organic methods and free to start. 

Paid Ads: 

If you are serious about making your first sale and want to go immediately, go with Paid Ads. 

We know that our customers are already available on Facebook and Instagram. By creating paid ads on Facebook, we can reach our target customers on Facebook and Instagram. 

Paid ads are less costlier than we think. You can start with paid ads with a budget of Rs. 70 or $1, but we recommend going with at least INR 300 or $5 so you will get your first sale fast. 

When going with paid ads, keep waiting for at least 48 hours to get your first sale. Only make changes to your ads if you get your deal. 

But if your ads need to perform better, it’s time to change ad copy and graphics. 

You can check out YoShope paid ads service to help run a successful paid ad campaign. 

You will get your first sale within a few hours of getting the store ready through paid ads. 

Google Ads: 

Google shows your ads when people search for your product on google search. This way, you will get high-quality users who are more interested in buying your product, visiting your store, and purchasing a product from you. 

This way, you get more sales and more users who will promote your store when they like the product you are selling. 

Google ads are a fantastic way to get started. On Google ads, you can start selling at INR 70 or $1, and you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your store. 

We notice that our users are getting more sales through Social media and Google ads. 

If you are also looking to get more such insights from our side, you must join our emailing list to get more statics and data to help you get more business for your store. 

Influencer Outreach: 

Influencer outreach is one of the new and effective ways to increase your business’s awareness and sales.  

Going with a high fan-following influencer is optional if your budget is low. Try with someone more relevant in a small community to get more sales at a lower cost.

So these are incredible ways through which you will get your first sale. Try out them all, and let us know in the comment section below if you are facing any issues. 

Also, please share your thoughts so that others get helped, as we are a community of eCommerce players. 

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